foo_limesdr plugin

LimeSDR Transmitter for foobar2000 plugin

using LimeSDR FM/AM Transmitter Plugin

(LimeSDR Transmit FM Signal and RTL-SDR FM Radio Receiver)

WARNING: LimeSDR is test equipment for RF systems. It has not been tested for compliance with regulations governing transmission of radio signals. You are responsible for using your LimeSDR legally.

install and install foobar2000 (

2.install limesdr windows driver (

3.copy foo_limesdr.dll to foobar2000 install folder/components.

4.go to foobar2000 dsp manager and add limesdr transmitter plugin.

5.config plugin to setting freq gain and other. audio file.


alpha version 0.0.2

support hw 1.4 limesdr

alpha version 0.0.1

first version

download link

[download id=”1″]